Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Changing pronouns at 20 weeks

She. She she she. Her her her. Our girl.

I've got to get out of the mindset of "it." After spending half of this pregnancy thinking in terms of "it" and just "the baby," it's hard to switch over just like that. And part of me is a little paranoid at loving the idea of a baby girl only to find out next month that the tech saw it wrong yesterday. But I've got to get over myself and start switching to appropriate pronouns. We've decided that we're going to try to avoid calling her by the name we've chosen--even between just the two of us--in an effort to avoid slipping up around someone we haven't told since we're trying to keep the name a secret until the birth. Perhaps we need a code name to call her in the meantime. Something ridiculous and funny. I'll keep you posted.

We received our first new baby clothes from friends over the weekend, which was pretty exciting. I keep going back to look at the outfits over and over, imagining the little girl who will wear them. We're still several weeks away from registering since I'm still researching various options for baby gear, but we did hit Once Upon a Child yesterday and bought two (still neutral) one-piece outfits, the first that we'd bought ourselves. We also picked up an almost-new Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper there for $65 (half of what it costs in stores), which can be used as a co-sleeper, a bassinet, or even a changing table. I'm not sure I would have paid full price for it, but at half the price, it's worth a shot. Now we need to figure out where we're going to start putting this kind of stuff in the meantime. The next big step is to pick out paint color(s) (some form of sage green, we think) and paint the room that will be the nursery. I'm hoping we'll get this done within the next month or so, then can work on filling the room after that.

Surprisingly, I'm down 0.4 pounds this week, for a total increase of 2.6 pounds. I am not close to showing yet (even to myself), but that's not a complaint since I know I'll be annoyed with The Belly soon enough.

Weight loss/gain:
3w5d starting weight
5w (-1.2 pounds)
6w (-3 pounds, -4.2 pounds total)
7w (-2.4 pounds, -6.6 pounds total)
8w (-1 pound, -7.6 pounds total)
9w (-2 pounds, -9.6 pounds total)
10w (-2.6 pounds, -12.2 pounds total)
11w (+1 pound, -11.2 pounds total)
12w (+3.6 pounds, -7.6 pounds total)
13w (+1.0 pound, -6.6 pounds total)
14w (+1.2 pounds, -5.4 pounds total)
15w (+3.4 pounds, -2 pounds total)
16w (+2.0 pounds, no change total)
17w (+2.0 pounds, +2.0 pounds total)
18w1d (+2.0 pounds, +4.0 pounds total)
19w (-1.0 pound, +3.0 pounds total)
20w (-0.4 pounds, +2.6 pounds total)


At September 19, 2006 11:49 AM, Blogger Alli said...

Smiling through tears for you!!!! {{hugs}} It's so exciting!! And I love sage green. LOL.

At September 19, 2006 12:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just call her Ambrosia like I am.


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