Saturday, September 29, 2007

Buying stock in tissues

I am sick. Yes, again. And I'm really getting tired of this. This time it's a fairly minor (overall) head cold that has some pretty major sinus pain at times, which all began last night after dinner. I'm hoping it runs its course quickly and I can move on. It stinks to be sick on the weekend, but at least that makes it less likely I'll have to miss work because of it; I have plenty of sick time saved up, but I just hate using it all at once since after a while it starts to make me look bad.

But that's not all. Baby B also showed signs of a minor cold yesterday and today, though hers might be from teething. (I know most pediatricians say that cold-like symptoms are NOT related to teething, but with as many anecdotes as I've seen to support the possible connection, I'm not ruling it out personally.) She was also extremely fussy at dinnertime today, and I can see a bottom tooth very close to the surface, so I'm sure the pain is bothering her quite a bit. She woke up twice during the night last night, and she's already woken up once tonight--all very unusual for her. She has a new, different, and very distinct cry (it sounds like a cat that's being tortured) that we think we've identified as the teething pain cry, so that's helped us take the appropriate steps to alleviate her pain.

Despite our colds, we went to a local farm this afternoon for AutumnFest with some friends and had fun doing things like a hay ride, a corn maze, several farm animal exhibits, and a spooky farmhouse. The weather was perfect--sunny and mid- to upper 70s--if not very autumn-like. I'm definitely looking forward to enjoying the nice weather that the fall usually brings us, especially after such a hot and dry summer here.


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