Thursday, September 27, 2007

Waiting no more

I went home for lunch today and on the answering machine was a message from that first (and original favorite) daycare we'd looked at--nearly 11 months ago--letting us know there's a spot in their infant room opening up soon and it's ours if we want it. We have to call back by tomorrow morning or else they're calling the next person. (Geez, thanks for giving us a little time; what if we'd been out of town? Apparently we were supposed to be waiting by the phone non-stop for their call.)

The big advantage to this other daycare is that we can see it from our back deck (which is fixed now, by the way), though our current daycare is about that same distance from my office (both of which are about 2 miles from our house). Also, the other daycare has not only a playground but a decent-sized indoor gym to allow for playtime during cold or other inclement weather.

However, I think we're going to stay where we are. We like the teachers and the director, and Baby B seems to like it there...and this other daycare is kind of an unknown at this point other than what we saw on our tour. Plus, I think the teachers at our current place would kill us if we took Baby B out, because they really like her a lot. When I recently told one of her teachers that my schedule was going to be changing, she panicked at first because she thought I was telling her that we didn't need to bring her there anymore, when in fact I was telling her that I'd be bringing her an additional day. She was outwardly relieved. If our current daycare were farther away or if we had any problems with it, I think we'd be more inclined to switch, but neither is the case for us.

Mostly I'm just amazed at how long we were on the waiting list--just short of a full year. It's a good thing we found out about our current daycare when we did and were able to get in there because I really don't know what we would have done otherwise. Things ended up working out just fine, despite the stress of not knowing if we'd have a daycare spot until right before I returned to work. I'd always heard about long waiting lists for daycares, but I always figured that was just in bigger metropolitan cities, not in my city. Boy was I wrong!

(Happy 8 months old, Baby B! I love you, my little Itty Bitty!)


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